18.July 2018

Anthony Marck

ANTHONY MARCK "Ultrasone Headphones are simply the best Headphones I’ve ever heard. I love listening music and hearing details not as clearly heard before." I was born in April 1989, and I’ve been playing drums for as long as I can remember. I think [...]

13.July 2018

Christoph Aggou

Christoph Aggou "As soon as I set up Signature Studio, I dive into another world. The good insulation of the OnEar design shields me perfectly from the hustle and bustle and I can only concentrate on the music. This is reproduced with a precision and richness of detail, [...]

11.October 2017

Kai Schwarz

Kai Schwarz "My Signature headphones are the perfect companion for day and night 😉 I travel around a lot and often pre-produce my tracks on the train; the Signature has the perfect sound for this, even in the lower bass ranges from 30 to 40 Hz, which is [...]

06.September 2017


Quincy "It was thank to Jam El Mar from jam &  Spoon that I got in touch with Ultrasone. I was right away convinced by the perfection in sound and feeling. After more than 25 years in the scene Ultrasone is for me the perfect headphone, my solid [...]

29.June 2017


BANKS & RAWDRIGUEZ "Ultrasone are the BMW`s of Headphones, Bavarian State of the Art." DJs, producers, artists, remixers, radioshow hosts; there’s nothing in german entertainment business that David Banks & Ruben Rawdriguez aka „BANKS & RAWDRIGUEZ“ can’t do. As producers, the heavyweights have collaborated with national [...]

04.November 2016

Maximilian Schmitt

Maximilian Schmitt „Ultrasone completly changed my life on stage. The pure sound including tons of clarity but also enough heaviness, gives me the opportunity to focus more on my guitar playing than ever before." Maximilian Schmitt Born in 1989 in south Germany, my first [...]

04.November 2016

Marc Fischer

Jürgen Bischoff "Quality and perfection of the "Signature Studio" cannot be surpassed by anything. It is, especially for studio performances, tonal in all sectors at the highest level, and combined with the high wearing comfort, the most perfect on-ear headphone that I have ever experienced." [...]

04.November 2016

Jürgen Bischoff

Jürgen Bischoff "The sonority and the presence of IQ Pro, even at low volume level is just incredible. The fit and comfort are a real revolution for me." The native born Wuerzburger Jürgen Bischoff has been active for more than 20 years as a guitarist, [...]

04.November 2016

Christoph Aggou

Christoph Aggou "On stage I have to be able to hear myself clearly and precisely, so that every note fits. Moreover the in ear headphones I wear have to be comfortable and must not impair the performance. The Ultrasone IQ-Pro offer me exactly that!" Chris [...]

01.September 2016

Ulysses S. Owens Jr.

Ulysses S. Owens Jr. „In addition to my love for music, within the last few years emerging as an up and coming producer; listening to to new projects, music for a tour or checking Mixes and Masters prepping for releases, I require a serious set of "Cans"! Ultrasone [...]

01.September 2016

Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels „I've always had the best headphones, at least I thought I did, till a gentleman at B&H Photo, New York, suggested the Ultrasone headphones. NOW, I have the best!“ You’ve heard him but have you seen him? Whether it’s the Main Network voice [...]

01.September 2016

Tobias Lux

Tobias Lux "These headphones impress on every level!" Tobias Lux took his first steps as a DJ a quarter of a century ago at the age of 11 at a party in his parents’ basement. Working with the music, the immediate reaction from the audience [...]