Christoph Aggou

Christoph Aggou

“On stage I have to be able to hear myself clearly and precisely, so that every note fits. Moreover the in ear headphones I wear have to be comfortable and must not impair the performance. The Ultrasone IQ-Pro offer me exactly that!”

Chris was born in Fürth near Nuremberg in tranquil Bavaria and discovered his passion for music early in life.

At the age of 14 he began teaching himself to play the acoustic guitar, but realized soon that the unplugged sound is less fun and switched to the eguitar. In his private microstudio he recorded his own ideas for himself and his friends and family. After playing in several school bands Chris joined the band “No Place For Hope” in 2008, which was very active in the Nuremberg area at that time. However, his function in the band changed, since he stands behind the micro now.

After the dissolution of the band, Chris took a creative break during which he was always looking for a new band. In early 2013 the time had come: he was recruited by “Watch Them Fade” in a casting and since then he has been the band’s frontman and responsible for the lyrics. In the same year the production of the album “Welcome To My Void” started, followed by shows with bands like “Six Reasons To Kill“, “Stray From The Path“, “Stick To Your Guns“, “Slayer“ and “Five Finger Death Punch“.