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Edition 8 EX | AZ

Edition 8 EX | AZ

Thank you Ultrasone!

I received my new Edition 8 EX and have had the pleasure of trying it out over the past few days. I am amazed and in AWE of its spectacularly incredible performance. I’ve been using the Signature Pro as my primary headset over the past four years, which I think is just awesome. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I thought no other headset could surpass its performance in a real-world distinguishable scenario.  That was so until I put on the Edition 8 EX.  As awesome and great as the Signature Pro is, the Edition 8 EX puts headphone-playing into the stratosphere of pleasure and excitement. Its performance is definitively beyond belief!  The sound is the cleanest and clearest I’ve ever heard from a headset – and I have listened to many of the best out there.  The sound from the Edition 8 EX is simply Breathless!  It’s the nearest thing to virtual-proximity of one’s favorite band – readily accessible at all times!  Listen to them and your impression will likely be, “WOW!”