Marc Fischer

Jürgen Bischoff

“Quality and perfection of the “Signature Studio” cannot be surpassed by anything. It is, especially for studio performances, tonal in all sectors at the highest level, and combined with the high wearing comfort, the most perfect on-ear headphone that I have ever experienced.”

I love this fantastic in-ears from ultrasone. I never have worn more comfortable systems than the IQ pro. They impress with extreme wear comfort and well-balanced monitor sound. Both in live sector and our pre-production the IQ pro´s are a real sound experience.

Marc Fischer about the IQ PRO

An on-ear headphone, that stands out thanks to its distinct bass range. The combination of massive low frequencies and the spatial sound quality, by the S-Logic Plus technology, creates an exceptional large and voluminous sound experience.

Marc Fischer about the PRO 900i


Musician, Songwriter
Casket – Emotions…Dream or Reality (Serenades Records / Intercord) 1997
Casket – Tomorrow (Serenades Records / Edel) 1997
Casket – Faithless (Serenades Records / Connected) 1998
Bloom – Green House Jam (Boomer Productions) 2000


Musician, Songwriter & Co-Producer
Watch Them Fade – Welcome To My Void (Massacre Records/Soulfood) 2015

Marc Fischer has been in music business for over 20 years as an musician, songwriter and co-producer. With his former band “Casket” Marc has published 3 studio albums about Serenades Records worldwide and he played national and international live gigs on many stages.
He released with his current metalcore-formation “Watch Them Fade” in 2015 the much-lauded debut album “Welcome To My Void” worldwide via Massacre Records and played together in this context with celebritiesof the metalcore/hardcore scene like Stick To Your Guns ,Stray From The Path and Counterparts.
Furthermore Marc made his festival-debut with “Watch Them Fade” 2016 at the famous “With Full Force” Festival in Roitzschjora.


The follow-up album of „Welcome To My Void“ is currently still in the pre-production process and will be produced in the beginning of 2017 with producer Marc Görtz of Caliban in the Nemesis studios Essen.