Maximilian Schmitt

Jürgen Bischoff

Ultrasone completly changed my life on stage. The pure sound including tons of clarity but also enough heaviness, gives me the opportunity to focus more on my guitar playing than ever before.”

Maximilian Schmitt[/minti_box]Born in 1989 in south Germany, my first real attention to music was in 1999 when „Enema of the State“ from Blink 182 was released. Heavily influenced by that kind of music i started listening and following the whole music industry with a lot more enthusiasm. After I saw my first performance of a live band (which was the local school band at that time), i decided that i needed to learn how to play the guitar as soon as possible. I started with two years of professional guitar lessons and from 2006 I already played in smaller local Punkrock- and Cover-Bands. In that days I also started showing more quiet genres such as singer songwriter stuff. In the years from 2009 to 2014 I basically focused on my acoustic guitar playing and started a 2-guitar-acoustic-combo.
Around June 2014 the photographer of WatchThemFade got in contact with me and introduced me to the band. In the beginning of 2015 I finally joined WTF for playing the lead-guitar. Since then my focus is more on heavy music such as metalcore again and we already got the chance to play with bands like SixReasonsToKill, StickToYourGuns, StrayFromThePath and on the WithFullForceFestival 2016.