Sara Castro

Sara Castro

“With plenum fidelity, brilliant vitality and genius quality, Ultrasone embraces the natural miracle of listening”

Sara Castro: The number 1 panamanian leading DJ was born to ROCK the world. She played for the first time, in one of Panama’s most exclusive nightclubs: Pure Lounge and Terrace.

With only 5 months playing as the resident Dj every friday, she started rocking the best clubs in Panama: RIU Hotel, Decapolis Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Ibiza Club, The Loft, Nuvo, Privilege, Nikki Beach Panama, Casa Nikki Panama, Isabella, Manrey, Space of Sound Panama, Panama Trump Tower, and internationally in Pullapanzak (Honduras), Space of Sound Welcome Party in Macumba (Madrid), and Tresor (Berlin) as a headliner. She has pumped the dancefloor next to big names of the scene like: Armand Pena, Mikel Curcio, Frank Richards, Felipe Kaval, Blond-Ish, DJ Alexa, Miss Nine, Max Graham, DJ Rooster and Sammy Peralta, Linda Kozniack, Randall Jones, Tom Sawyer, Coyu, Sean Miller, Patrick M., Kaiserdisco, Ismael Rivas, Fisherspooner, Dan Ghenacia, Clive Henry and David Guetta.

She has played in several private events and importants brand launchings like: Dior, Louis Vuitton, L’oreal, Redken, Juicy Couture, Mini, Swatch, Guess, Coca-Cola, LG, Samsung, Miller, Roxy, Creative Recreation, 28 Black, Apple, BCBG, Fashion Week Panama and many more. ´´Hydro Trip´´ is the name of her first hit co-produced track with her vocals what was released on beatport in august 19th, 2010, in just one week it became the top #1 downloaded track on beatport in Southside Recordings, months later the hit was chosen by the label to be part of the album BEST OF 2010.

On June 6th of 2011, was the premier of her own radio show called: Sara Castro presents: AUDIOPROTESI, which is the perfect blend of her music selection, information of the electronic music scene worldwide along with excellent comments and a seductive voice. At YXY 92.9 f.m. for all Panama. Nowdays, Sara Castro is one of the key opinion leader´s for Miller MGD and one of The Roxy´s Local Hero both for Latin America and an endorser for ULTRASONE “The Best Headphones Company In The Globe”. Wearing a special outfit for each presentation, a different artistic make-up and hairstyle she becames a Fashion Icon and a Nighlife Ambassador. She wears clothes and accessories from Panama famous fashion desginers like: Annie Chajin, Melina Typaldos, Moises Sandoya, Juan David Velez, Greta Bayo, and many more. She has been sponsored by global brands: Guess, MAC Cosmetics, Buffalo, Aldo Shoes and Accessories, Swatch, Creative Recreation and Nike.

Ihr starker Wille verbunden mit Talent und harter Arbeit machte sie innerhalb von 2 Jahren zur führenden weiblichen DJ Panamas. Neben ihrem musikalischem Talent bestach sie kontinuierlich durch ihre wechselnden Outfits und kreativen – von Styleprofis sowie persönlich geformten – Looks. Dies machte sie zu einer jungen, erfolgreichen Stilikone, die von Modedesignern wie Annie Chajin, Melina Typaldos, Moises Sandøya, Juan David Velez, Greta Bayo, und vielen mehr geliebt und ausgestattet wurde. Selbst globale Marken wie Guess, MAC Cosmetics, Buffalo, Aldo Shoes und Accessoires, Swatch, Creative Recreation und Nike erkannten ihr Potential und folgten mit Sponsorenverträgen. Heute ist Sara Castro eine der wichtigsten Meinungsmacherinnen für Miller MGD und ein Local Hero für The Roxy in Lateinamerika.

Now she is living in Berlin and her projects are UNLIMITED, incluiding music production, and co-productions with important international artist, big shows around the globe and so many surprises.
Video: A Token from Berlin
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