Sergio Vallin

Sergio Vallin

“I love the ULTRASONE headphones because they make me feel secure and make every single recording and concert unique and magic!”

Sergio Vallin is a highly recognized musician for more than a decade. His talent has stood above all from his role as Maná lead guitarist, the most transcendental latino rock /pop band . But Vallín career is not just the thousands miles of nylon and metal that his guitar has toured with the famous group , his talent and passion for music have opened other paths.

Sergio Vallin had his first contact with music in elementary school, but it was not until he was 13, that Sergio had his first formal meeting with the classical guitar , a fact that would determine his life. The following years , Sergio continued his musical training diving deep into the music genders off all the greats : Joe Satriani, Paco De Lucia , Al Di Meola , Santana , The Beatles , Jimmy Hendrix , Kiss , AC / DC , etc. . At age 22 , Sergio was already an experienced musician , ready for larger stages than the ones he walked with ” Wando ” , the group formed when he was an adolescence with his siblings and a few friends.

Maná was already a group on the rise, and at that point Alex , Fher and Juan were auditioning candidates to replace their guitarist . After a long session , they were sure that  Sergio was what they were looking for. Throughout his years with Maná Sergio has incorporated different elements into their music such as flamenco guitar or even a Tres Cubano, which has certainly enriched the sound of the band. Along with his activities with Maná , in 2009 Sergio venture in personal project , which he entitled “Bendito Entre Las Mujeres ” in which he is the lyrics and music author and producer of each of the themes, which are interpreted by the voices of Ana Torroja , Rosana , Ely Guerra, Paulina Rubio, Natalia Jimenez, Ivete Sangalo , Joy Huerta ( Jesse & Joy ) , Raquel del Rosario ( Dream Theater ) , Janette Chao Mariajosé , and Rocio Vallín , his sister.

Along with his activities with Maná , Sergio is currently working on new compositions and personal projects : “Maná has been the passport to endless experiences, to get to know many countries and people, to realize the power of music, how songs can become part of people’s lives , because music is more than notes , music is one of the most exquisite ways of expressing life itself. “