„Signature PRO – For us, these headphones immediately became the absolute reference in terms of professional headphones. The Signature PRO series clearly outshines every set of headphones that has ever been used in our studio…”

“… The sound has the necessary neutrality but is at the same time precise, authentic and also punchy. The headphones really show their best side when used during long studio sessions. Thanks to their spatial transparency and superb wearer-comfort, the possibility of the ears becoming overtired is virtually ruled out. I can no longer imagine not using Ultrasone Signature PRO headphones!

Signature DJ

As an internationally touring DJ, it is always important for me to use headphones which, not only provide perfect sound, but are also very comfortable to wear, easy to handle and visually impressive. All these features are combined in my new favourite headphones – the Ultrasone Signature DJ. The Signature DJ headphones are far better than any other headphones I have ever used on stage before. The sound impression is so balanced and the sound is so transparent, authentic and neutral whilst still retaining its impact. The headphones are extremely comfortable, especially thanks to their light weight, and also because they fit perfectly around the ear. This means that all external noises are absorbed very well. In addition, because the ear pad casings are made of lamb’s leather they are extremely soft and smooth and don’t get sweaty, which is particularly important during live shows. As a result, this may well resolve the issue of leather becoming rough and porous over time. The feel of the Signature DJ headphones is also first-class – from the minute you touch them, you can tell that these are made with only the highest quality materials. The joints, headpad, cable input and all other details are in perfect harmony and of the highest quality. All in all – for me, these are the new reference headphones for DJs.

Sugarstarr – better known as the DJ-part of the German Housemusic-Duo Syke’n’Sugarstarr. But not only a DJ-Artist who started his career 20 years ago. He is also Executive Producer, Labelmanager, A&R, Event-Coordinator and Consultant with a huge network worldwide – all in one person.

As an artist Sugarstarr is somewhat of an enigma, finely balanced between cool Housemusic-Productions and absolutely rocking DJ-sets, pushing back the boundaries on his own label “DoThe Hip!” that he started to run back in 2004, whilst becoming an in demand producer for several major projects since the late nineties. The result have been smashing club-hits such as“Ticket 2 Ride”, “No Love Lost” or “Danz”. And even more releases on labels like Defected, Ministry Of Sound, Positiva, Universal, Subliminal, Southern Fried, Toolroom etc.

Beside his latest solo-singles “GET UP”, “Let The Beat Drop” and “I Don’t Know” whichreceived huge support from big names such as Roger Sanchez, David Guetta or Bob SInclar, he recently released a bunch of big new tracks together with Syke, that have been collectedseveral #1 positions in many international Dance-Charts. Especially “No Satisfaction” kickedoff the summer 2011 as an absolute anthem. Sugarstarr and his partner have been the firstever DJ-Artists who got the official permission from the Rolling Stones’ label to lay hands onthis masterpiece in the history of music.

One of the biggest coups out of their studios is a stunning team-up with the legendary CeCeRogers, to re-present “No Love Lost” all over again. This tune has become a worldwideanthem getting on heavy rotation on the radios and in the clubs. Not to forget that Sugarstarr has been involved in the release of many big club-hits such as “Like This Like That” (SESAfeat. Sharon Phillips; out on Positiva Rec., UK), “So Many Times” (Gadjo ft. Alexandra Prince) or the Disco Boys’ “For You”, which recently reached Platin-Status and cemented his reputation as a part of this premier production-team.

The most appealing aspect of Sugarstarr is just how fresh he sounds, both in the productions and his DJ’ing, which, as anyone who has seen him on the decks will know, is as diverse andexperimental as the studio work of Syke’n’Sugarstarr. As a DJ he has been touring massively for the last ten years. He do club-gigs and festivals all over the globe. From NYC to Sydney. From Bogota to Moscow. From Miami back to Europe. The music he plays out can easily bedescribed as Funky-Electronic-Techhouse-With-Vocals-And-Soul, focussed to rock theaudience with a pumping set that ends up in a never ending party. And that is exactly what theworld needs right now.