Tony Daniels

Tony Daniels

„I’ve always had the best headphones, at least I thought I did, till a gentleman at B&H Photo, New York, suggested the Ultrasone headphones. NOW, I have the best!“

You’ve heard him but have you seen him? Whether it’s the Main Network voice for CBC Television or the voice of Lotto 649 or even the multitude of voices on cartoons such as Get Ed,Ying Yang Yo, Ned’s Newt, Jo-Jo’s Circus, Care Bears, Fisher Price’s Little People, Bob and Margaret, the X-Men, Braceface, the Avengers, Rescue Heroes….ok, you get the picture.

Born in Toronto, working in New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Tony Daniels started entertaining at an early age. At 11 years old, Tony began performing as a talented guitar player and singer with several musical acts throughout Southern Ontario. While playing a local show, legendary 1050 Chum disc jockey, Tom Rivers, discovered Tony and invited him to Chum’s studios. Tony fell in love with radio and wanted to expand his ear by involving himself in radio. Graham Cable Television was Tony’s first kick at doing “on air” performances. Later, he met Dave Barker, former creative director at Toronto’s Q107, where it was quickly discovered that Tony had a nearly unlimited voice range. After years of performing comedy as a “Voice Guy” with morning shows such as the Jesse and Gene show, Roger, Rick and Marilyn, Brother Jake’s Q Morning Zoo and even a stint with Howard Stern. During the “Radio Daze”, Tony wanted to perform commercials and promo and especially animation. He was fortunate enough to be signed by Sandi Sloan of Sloan Agency, currently with Fountainhead Talent and pursued his voice career.

Tony’s style has fit well with “Canada’s Own” public broadcaster, “HDNet, the reason HD was invented”, “only on the Travel Channel” and “Fuel your passion, SPEED”. “The producers that I work with are all quite talented and take advantage of my unlimited voice styles, allowing for everything from movie trailer reads, to comedy, to Sports,” and like every studio Tony works in, “we work hard but we always have fun, you have to laugh at least once a day to feel human!”. This year, Tony’s voice has been featured in movies and movie trailers for everything from, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Lee Daniels’ The Butler to Dracula, Transformers, Best Night Ever, Here Comes The Devil, Grand Piano and countless more…