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For 25 years we have dedicated our expertise to the production of headphones and offer our music-loving customers high-quality products for home and professional use. We were able to convince well-known artists like Frontman Axl Rose of Guns’n Roses, Moses Pelham and the popular Bavarian band Labrassbanda with our products. International DJs like Sara Castro, TAVO and Kai Schwarz also don’t want to miss their Ultrasone headphones behind the turntables.

Our headphones are also used in various recording studios and support you in areas like mixing, mastering and monitoring.

Our S-Logic® technology is respondsible for a natural surround sound, making it easier to locate musical instruments and vocals. This is a valuable tool for professional musicians, because they receive honest feedback while producing music.

In our assortment there is something for every taste.



Tell us your story! Do you use your ULTRASONE headphones in the studio, on your HIFI system or listening to music on the go? Let us and our fans know where your musical companion takes you and why you don’t want to miss him anymore.

We are looking forward to your personal Ultrasone story. Just fill out the following form and send it to us. We would also be very happy about a photo of you with your ULTRASONE headphones.